Wilbur Ross

by Tim Heidecker



Just streaming this one for now. We're working on a full LP of these songs for later this year. This isn't mastered and could probably use a little more mixing.


Wilbur Ross puts his slippers on just like any of us
$500 at a time I don't see what's the fuss.
He is for the workingman ain't no doubt about that
did you see him visit the factory with his safety goggle and his yellow hardhat

I am a working man working for my pension
Wilbur Ross has got our back and I shouldn't even have to mention
That he may look like a turtle or a weasel or a rat
but that doesn't mean he's going to act like that
He's gonna bring back our economy
And save our family
Wilbur Ross we raise a cold one to you
Wilbur Ross thank you for all that you do

It’s the middle of the night
and my five year old can’t breathe anymore
Air around here sucks
And there’s medicine wilbur that we can’t afford

My sisters on the needle and we can't get her out of bed
My wife and I are thinking of immigrating to China where if we work hard enough maybe we can get ahead

Ain't nothing left for us here anymore
just the fast food restaurants and the dollar stores
Wilbur don't care about the working poor
He hates us to his rotten core
He's a weasel a devil a slimy rat
Just another one of trumps fat cats
He doesn't give a shit about me
or my family

Wilbur Ross, Wilbur Ross, may God damn you.


released July 2, 2017
Produced by Jonathan Rado
Drums - Kaine Richotte
Bass - Max Whipple
Piano, Guitars - Tim Heidecker
Slide - Jonathan Rado
Horns Arranged by Jordan Katz
Sax - Taylor Plenn



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Tim Heidecker Los Angeles, California

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